SHIBarmy Battles Unprecedented Traffic Surge: Shibarium Launch Hiccups
SHIBarmy Battles Unprecedented Traffic Surge: Shibarium Launch Hiccups

SHIBarmy Battles Unprecedented Traffic Surge: Shibarium Launch Hiccups

• Shibarium’s launch caused a surge of unprecedented traffic that overwhelmed the system.
• Rumors of bridge issues and FUD spread on Crypto Twitter, but Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer clarified the issue.
• The problem was due to the SHIBarmy’s sheer strength upon launch which couldn’t be anticipated by preparations such as auto-scaling validators.

Shibarium’s Launch Hiccups

The highly anticipated Shibarium launch proved that no amount of preparation can truly brace a project for the unanticipated strength and fervor of its community. Despite robust preparations, including auto-scaling validators, the Shibarium team didn’t anticipate the magnitude of traffic that ensued on launch day causing hiccups in service.

Unprecedented Traffic Surge

Crypto Twitter was abuzz with Shibarium news after its mainnet went live on, but this excitement was met with tumultuous price action as SHIB’s plunged nearly -9% due to market concern over apparent bridge issues affecting the new Layer-2 service. Transactions on the network froze, with nearly 954 ether (ETH) and a whopping $750,000 of BONE – Shibarium’s governance token – stuck in limbo. Bridging tokens to the Shibarium network became impossible, fuelling wild speculation which included now discredited fake screenshots alleging to be from Shiba Inu developer Shytoshi.

Shytoshi Kusama: All is Well in Shibaland

Lead developer Shytoshi clarified that the cause of this chaos was simply a sudden influx of transactions upon announcement of the Shibarium launch which overwhelmed their system despite being prepared for it. He emphasized that rumors were false and all is well in “Shibaland” once again after their servicers were restored.

The SHIBarmy’s Strength

This incident highlights just how strong and dedicated member base known as “SHIBarmy” is for this project which caused an unexpected amount of transactions they weren’t prepared for even though they were expecting high demand from it. This experience further proves that no matter how much one prepares for success , there will always be unforeseen events or conditions one must adjust to if they wish to have continued success .


In conclusion , this whole event serves as important reminder that no matter how much preparation you do , there are always outside factors at play when launching a product or service . Be sure to factor these potential issues into your plans so you’re ready when things don’t go according to plan!