BitKeep Rebrands to Bitget Wallet, IOTA Launches Test Chain
BitKeep Rebrands to Bitget Wallet, IOTA Launches Test Chain

BitKeep Rebrands to Bitget Wallet, IOTA Launches Test Chain

• BitKeep wallet announced its 2023 roadmap, including a rebrand to Bitget Wallet and security system upgrades.
• IOTA launched the ShimmerEVM test chain on the Shimmer testnet.
• Bitso tripled US-Mexico transactions in partnership with Ripple, and MoonPay partnered with Airtm to tackle financial inclusion.

BitKeep Rebrands to Bitget Wallet

Non-custodial crypto wallet BitKeep announced its new 2023 roadmap, revealing plans to rebrand as Bitget Wallet and restructure the management team while strengthening the overall security system.

IOTA Launches ShimmerEVM Test Chain

IOTA announced the launch of the ShimmerEVM test chain on the Shimmer testnet, with various updates to the consensus module, node software, and EVM compatibility. The launch will expand reach of the Shimmer protocol for blockchain developers who build EVM-compatible smart contracts.

Bitso Triples US-Mexico Transactions with Ripple

Crypto-powered financial services company in Latin America, Bitso, in partnership with crypto payments solution provider Ripple, tripled transactions facilitated between Mexico and the US from 2021 to 2022 through its Crypto 4 Business service used by remittance and payment processors. This volume illustrates growing business use of cryptocurrency as a cross-border payment solution.

MoonPay Partners with Airtm for Financial Inclusion

Web3 infrastructure company MoonPay announced its partnership with digital dollar account Airtm “to tackle financial inclusion in Latin America.” With this integration, customers can tap into Airtm’s extensive network ofGoogle Pay, Apple Pay, European banks and debit/credit cards in 150 countries.

urFeed Receives Grant from Ethereum Foundation

Social media platform urFeed which enables users to earn rewards and token-based ownership announced that it received a grant from Ethereum Foundation towards developing scalability solutions for their decentralized application (DApp).