AI-Powered yPredict Platform Raises $2.6M: Unlocking New Levels of Crypto Trading
AI-Powered yPredict Platform Raises $2.6M: Unlocking New Levels of Crypto Trading

AI-Powered yPredict Platform Raises $2.6M: Unlocking New Levels of Crypto Trading

• yPredict, an AI-powered crypto trading and market intelligence platform, has raised $2.6 million in its presale.
• The web3 project has also unveiled a demo of its first AI price prediction model which is available to use for free, for a limited time.
• Investors who get involved before the presale reaches its hard cap of $6.5 million will be able to benefit from 33% paper gains on their investment when the token lists at $0.12 later this year.

yPredict Raises 2.6 Million After Introducing Artificial Intelligence Predictive Models

yPredict, an industry-leading AI-powered crypto trading and market intelligence platform, recently hit a big milestone after surpassing $2.6 million in its fundraising efforts via a presale of its native $YPRED crypto token. This funding will go towards developing the project’s first AI price prediction model, which is currently available as a demo version that can be used for free until further notice.

How Does yPredict Work?

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have enabled it to predict stock price movements with greater accuracy than ever before – this is exemplified by the rise of generative chatbot ChatGPT and its competitors – and yPredict hopes to make use of these developments to revolutionize the crypto trading industry with an institutional-grade AI-powered price prediction system . This system uses machine learning models such as large language models (LLMs) to analyze huge amounts of data related to crypto currency markets from multiple sources in order to identify patterns and trends which could lead to improved profitability for investors who use it wisely.

Investment Opportunity

There’s no time like the present for investors wanting to get involved with one of 2023’s most promising crypto start-ups, because when the yPredict presale reaches $2.982 million, the $YPRED price will increase 11% up to $0.1 per token before listing across major exchanges at around $0.12 each later this year – resulting in potential paper gains of up to 33%.

Advantages Of Using AI To Predict Market Price Movements.

AI models are capable of analyzing massive amounts of data quickly and accurately which makes them ideal for financial market forecasting applications where speed is essential but precision cannot be sacrificed either; they are also better suited than human analysts at detecting subtle patterns that may not be so obvious upon initial inspection due to their more comprehensive approach compared to traditional methods used by humans alone . As such , they can provide traders with valuable insights that are not available elsewhere while helping them avoid costly mistakes due to incomplete or outdated information or emotional bias .


Using advanced artificial intelligence technology , yPredict is offering investors an opportunity not only get involved with one of 2023’s most exciting projects but also benefit from potentially massive paper gains should they choose invest now before it lists across major exchanges later this year . It remains unclear how successful the project will prove over time but considering how much faith investors have placed in it already there’s certainly reason enough believe that it could become another big success story within cryptocurrency space