Let´s start a online feminist revolution!

Imagine there is a parliament in Brussels, consisting of 751 member, 63% are male, the average age is 50 years, discussing a report about feminism and the internet.

But luckily YOU will have the chance to contribute and make it a great report!

Guess what?! Now is the time!

The official title of the report might sound slightly lame (Gender equality and empowering women in the digital age – for more info please check here), but never judge a book by its cover. I think it is time to show this parlament some #feministsuperpower. Cause if we don´t do it, noboday will do it. So let´s get started.

Online feminist summit

On the 21st and 22nd of October we will organise the first ONLINE FEMINIST SUMMIT in Brussels to start the discussions, but also to network on a European level. Be honest: How often did you have the chance to meet feminist hackers from Finland and twitter activists from Spain and Kosovo at the same time? Any social media action and participation on the 21st and 22nd is very warmly welcomed!

Join the crew!

We want to use this chance to include as many people as possible in the development of this report. We want to read and hear your suggestions during the process of drafting the report. But how will that actually work?

It’s an old story: Brussels and the EU are too far away from the people to actually make a difference. Well then, let me explain: I am Terry, a pretty passionate feminist and happen to be elected into the European Parliament last year. I am the so-called rapporteur of the report on digital feminism/gender equality in the internet. This fact gives me a lot of rights: I can draft the report and I can propose compromises. I don’t get to decide everything (of course, we will have to find majorities for the demands), BUT: I can try to include as many of your ideas as possible.

Timetable for the report

// Working document: 15 Sept
// Draft of the report: 13 Nov
// Consideration of draft report in the FEMM Committee: 3 Dec
// Deadline for tabling amendments: 10 Dec at 12.00

And what to write about?

Of cause the rules of how such a report needs to look like are quite strict and formal – I mean it would not be the European Parliament, if it would not love itself some real strict rules. So we will have to put our brillant ideas about a feminist, open and democratic internet into around about seven pages – at least for the start. There are endless things to be said and debated about in relation to the digital revolution and gender equality. In order to structure it, we have decided for four main headings: (i) democracy and participation, (ii) education (iii) labour market and sustainable development and (iv) violence against women.

You have any ideas?

I’m sure you do.

So, what are you waiting for?

Feel free to contribute, criticise, praise everything!
Write me on social media, comment on this article, send me feedback via mail.

// working document
// report about the hearing on the 15th of September
// to the online feminist summit

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Terry Reintke
Terry Reintke

Europabegeisterte Queerfeministin, die seit vielen Jahren Grüne Politik macht. Seit 2014 auch im Europäischen Parlament. Gelsenkirchen.

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